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Active Professionals will complete all visa application requirements from Canada on your behalf to maximize success for approval. Fill in the form provided to begin the visa process and we will contact you shortly.








Active Professionals is a diverse team of proud Canadians, registered Canadian immigration consultants (RCIC), paralegals and business specialists. Our team members are all in good standing in their respective professions and able to assist clients across Canada. Experts in our office can support you through your journey of becoming a Canadian.


Why hire an immigration consultant to help you with your study permit application?


In order to obtain approval on a study permit application, you as the applicant must convince the immigration officer that:


• You have been accepted to study at a designated learning institution,

• You have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your study plus your living expenses (without working),

• You have enough ties to your country of origin in order to show you will leave Canada at the end of your stay.


Many students believe it is enough to have been accepted into a post-secondary institution, but unfortunately, it is not the case.


The main reasons for refusal of a study permit application are lack of evidence of sufficient funds, and lack of evidence of ties to country of origin such as prospective employment, establishment in your home country, and purpose of the visit to Canada.


Even though it is not mandatory to hire an immigration professional to assist you with your application for a study permit, nor it guarantees approval,  it is useful to have an immigration professional evaluate your case and help foresee possible weaknesses in your application. Active Professionals can guide you on what documents to obtain and how to show all the necessary evidence in order to avoid refusal.


If you have already applied and were refused, let us help you. We will look at the reasons why your application was denied and will guide you on gathering the documentation needed to rectify the issue.





Looking to visit, study or work in Canada? Learn about the types of Canadian visas are available to you and what their requirements and purpose are.


Visitor Visa


If you want to visit Canada for the purpose of doing trade with Canadian companies, for tourism or to foster scientific and international understanding, then the visitor visa might be for you.


Student Visa


Studying in Canada as a foreign students requires you to apply to a Canadian education institute, certified by the immigration authority for the issuance of the student authorization/visa, and obtain admission in such an institute. This information is usually available in the prospectus of the schools you are looking at.


Work Visa


To apply for this type of visa, you as the applicant must have a job offer from a Canadian employer who is ready to sponsor you. Once the labor certification is obtained by your employer,you may apply to a Canadian immigration office for obtaining employment authorization. You can apply for this visa both inside and outside Canada.

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