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Compared to many countries, the cost of studying in Canada is very affordable. As a guide, you will likely need between $15,000 Cdn and $30,000 Cdn annually to cover tuition and living expenses. However, this cost range is an average only and will vary according to the institution and program in which you are enrolled, your location, and living choices.


Tuition fees for international students vary across provinces and programs. The table below shows the weighted average tuition fees for full-time foreign students, by field of study.

Remember, however, that the costs associated with attending university go beyond tuition fees. You must also budget for items such as books, personal living expenses, and housing.

University tuition fees for full-time foreign students (in Canadian dollars)

Field of study grouping Undergraduate Graduate
Education $14,600 $12,742
Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies $17,530 $12,152
Humanities $18,365 $12,633
Social and behavioural sciences $18,078 $12,461
Law, legal professions and studies $23,552 $15,065
Business management and public administration $19,641 $18,157
Executive MBA Not applicable $44,800
Regular MBA Not applicable $32,424
Physical and life sciences and technologies $20,039 $12,618
Mathematics, computer and information sciences $20,699 $12,113
Engineering $21,819 $14,315
Architecture and related technologies $18,793 $15,982
Agriculture, natural resources and conservation $17,558 $11,634
Dentistry $47,621 Not available
Medicine $29,198 Not available
Nursing $16,435 $11,585
Pharmacy $30,479 $12,231
Veterinary medicine $51,538 $8,364
Other health, parks, recreation and fitness $17,793 $16,460

(weighted average tuition fees)
Source: Statistics Canada


Most universities offer on-campus residences designated for international students, or residences generally available to all students on campus. However, acceptance at a Canadian school does not automatically mean you can get a room in residence. Students must apply separately for on-campus housing. The cost of on-campus housing varies across institutions and will depend on whether or not you want a private room or meal plan, for example.

Some international students choose to live off-campus in an apartment or flat. Rent for an apartment in Canada can range from approximately $400 Cdn to $1,500 Cdn per month depending on the city or neighbourhood and the type of accommodation. As a renter, you may also need to pay additional monthly costs for utilities, such as electricity, home phone, Internet and cable television, as well as personal expenses and renters’ insurance.

Most universities can provide assistance with finding accommodations, both on- and off-campus, and answer questions through their housing office or student services.