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Students Portal | Vital Functions

Canada wants students

Canada wants students because Canada is all about nation-building. Young, intelligent newcomers who have proven they have the credentials and means to assimilate are a big part of that. In short, Canada wants students to come here, study, contribute socially and economically, and stay permanently.

Growing numbers of Canadian Institutions are now recognizing the value and benefits of international student recruitment and implementing goals and business strategies focused on increasing their enrolment of international students.

Vital Functions 

  1. Inquiries of / National or International students
  2. National students to complete required Application checklist
  3. International Students to complete required Application checklist
  4. Categories to put students into based on, country of Application, program of choice, faculty, year of start, gender, Student GPA
  5. After a student or partner submits an application, create a student profile with his/her country flag ( optional photo upload) as identification and all student documents attached. for universities to view profile
  6. University partner through a login Process gains access to student file and application
  7. After a student submits application, universities can now correspond to student via ESC website, email, skype, telephone
  1. Students can have access to the portal up to one year or until he/she accepts an offer from a university.
  2. Students can gain interest or an offer from multiple university's that have access to our portal
  3. Ability for student to Receive and communicate with universities, and ESC staff
  4. Students have ability to receive acceptance letter from Multiple universities and accept the offer