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About International Student Recruitment in Canada

Canada wants students

Canada wants students because Canada is all about nation-building. Young, intelligent newcomers who have proven they have the credentials and means to assimilate are a big part of that. In short, Canada wants students to come here, study, contribute socially and economically, and stay permanently.

Growing numbers of Canadian Institutions are now recognizing the value and benefits of international student recruitment and implementing goals and business strategies focused on increasing their enrolment of international students.

Benefits to study in Canada

  • Our agents have advised that the majority of international students consistently rank Canada as the number one destination choice for their post-secondary education.
  • In comparison to an education in the US or UK, a Canadian post-secondary education is significantly more affordable due to a low Canadian dollar and lower tuition fees.
  • Canadian educational institutions are gaining recognition for the high standard of education they provide.
  • Current political climate in the US. With the recent election of President, Donald Trump there is great uncertainty regarding his political views and policies. International students and their families are expressing heightened concerns about living in and attending school in the US.
  • Canada is recognized worldwide for our political stability, acceptance of cultural diversity, low crime rate and high standard of living.
  • Year over year many independent studies, rank Canada #1 as the best country in the world to live.
  • The base of countries to recruit from continues to increase. Recent studies are even indicating an increased numbers of US students interested in attending Canadian universities. This is a relatively new and fast growing trend