Family Support Information

Education Solutions Canada is committed to offering full circle services to families sending students to Canada for post-secondary education. Attention and connection is required for Integration into the new community for each student. Students and their families will have direct access to our Integration services from our Canadian based integration director. Students and families will be able to reach out for support in many areas. The following outlines services available.

Integration Manual (Seminar)

Students arriving in Canada will be provided with an integration manual that will assist them with getting themselves set up to function in Canada. Necessary contact information for university services will be provided for the destination university so that each student is set up for success and knows where to go for help.

Personal Wellness

As part of the manual, Students will have access to information associated with:

  • Anxiety around the move to Canada
  • Integration into the Social aspects of the student’s new community
  • Assistance with making contact with appropriate people and services
  • Positive well-being and balance
  • Athlete support

Emergency Contact

Families will have peace of mind knowing their student in Canada will have an email to contact our Director of Integration. Our Director of Integration is Sandra Wigg and she can be reached at


The benefit of access to direct support the ESC reinforces the safe transition of students to a new country. As a family sending a student to Canada, we appreciate the desire for information. ESC will provide newsletters to students containing relevant information on travel to Canada once accepted ad well as specific information from the school the student has been accepted to.

Student and Family comfort is our goal based on our vision statement “when we create success for others, we succeed”.