Education Solutions Canada

Application Process

Step 1 - Prepare to Apply

Step 2 - Submit an Application

Step 3 - Evaluation of application

Step 4 - Study Visa Application

  • Know your desired program of study
  • Be prepared with the following required documents:
    • All academic transcripts (high school and post secondary)
    • 1 current reference/testimonial letters
    • personal statement - describing how your personal and academic experience has contributed to your post-secondary goals; what and why you want to study in Canada
    • Scan of passport or other government issued ID


  • Select the APPLY button and create your ESC login
  • Complete the application of personal and academic information
  • Upload your supporting documents
  • Submit your completed application with a $100 deposit, refundable once you have confirmed enrollment.
  • Refunds will NOT be issued for any of the following cases and are not limited to:
    1. An applicant failing to provide required documents to process the application
    2. An applicant's visa application is rejected
    3. An applicant cancels their application before admission decision was received


  • Based on your transcripts and selected program of choice, your application will be evaluated by our experts for academic viability based on admission requirements of different institutions
  • You will be provided with a list of schools across Canada that fit your profile for you to further review and select the option(s) you wish to pursue
  • Additional application fees will be required depending on your school selections


  • Once you have been accepted into a Canadian educational institution, ESC will assist you with your study visa application utilizing our immigration partner in Canada


Applying Online to Education Solutions Canada allows a single application to be viewed by multiple universities and colleges in Canada for a increased chance of multiple offers and successful admission


 Qualify for an ESC $5000 Scholarship


Students that have fully completed an application with ESC are automatically entered to win an Education Solutions Canada scholarship for studying in Canada.


Education Solutions Canada is dedicated to our applicants that are starting their study in one of our Canadian schools. We are proud to have developed an annual scholarship initiative to assist students in need.


In order to qualify for the $5000 Scholarship, the following is required:


  • The applicant must apply via Education Solutions Canada.
  • The program of study must be at least six months duration.
  • Applicant must be an international student, who gains admission to a Canadian institution.


Education Solutions Canada will profile the student who is selected to receive this scholarship on our website.

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Academic Admission Requirements

Academic requirements for programs of study in CANADA vary. Please review the general guidelines below associated with your area of study to ensure you have the minimum course requirements. The admission grade averages also vary from institution to institution, as a minimum general guideline, students must have passing grades in all required subjects and stronger grades for programs that have competitive admission, such as Engineering.

*Note:  these are General Guidelines Only

Once your application is submitted and evaluated, you will be notified with options for school(s) that offer your program of study. Specific admission requirements will be reviewed at that time to help you make an informed decision on the institution you wish to attend.

1. Requirement for All Programs:

  • English – Grade 12 Equivalent*

*If your country of origin provides school instruction in English, you may be exempt from English Proficiency test requirements for admission. Otherwise, English proficiency test (IELTS, TOELF) results will be required.

2. Requirements in Addition to English:


  • Math
  • 2 of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Advanced Math, Computer Science
  • One additional approved academic subject


  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Advanced Math recommended

Programs in BUSINESS

  • Math
  • One language or social science
  • One additional approved academic subject



Programs in NURSING

  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry


  • One math course
  • One of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
  • One additional approved academic subject


  • One math or science course
  • One language, social science, or fine arts course
  • One additional approved academic subject



Working in Canada as a student

As an international student studying full-time with a valid Study Permit, there are work options that are available to you. Many of these options do not require a work permit as your ability to work off-campus is determined by your status at each university.

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